New Arrivals

New Arrivals
Discover new robes and pajama designs by Baturina Homewear

Gentleman's Luxury Dressing Gowns and Smoking Robes

The Baturina Homewear robes have a classic shawl collar style and wrap gently around the body. They have a loose, comfortable fit that's perfect for lounging and sleeping. We make them in small and large sizes and offer custom tailoring.

Mens luxury velvet dressing gown vintage quilted silk robe

Our robes and pajamas will keep you looking elegant and feeling comfortable every day. They are a contemporary take on the classic English gentleman style, reimagined as luxurious loungewear for every day.

Mens black velvet smoking jacket warm robe quilted silk dressing gown

Classic black cotton velvet smoking jacket with a traditional hand-stitched quilted silk shawl collar and cuffs. It is fully lined with silk. The design features three pockets and a long adjustable waist-tie.

Cotton velvet is our warmest and heaviest type of fabric. When you're looking for a warm winter robe, cotton velvet is the best choice.

Mens red velvet smoking jacket robe dressing gown

An alternative to heavy cotton is this lightweight silky rayon velvet. It's as plush and soft as cotton but extra light, available in stunning colors.

The elegant robes pictured here feature a simple style with classic gold piping and soft silk lining.

Mens blue velvet smoking jacket robe luxury gentleman dressing gown

Shop our classic dressing gown collection exclusively online. All dressing gowns are made in sizes XS-5XL or tailored to custom measurements.

Mens black velvet smoking jacket quilted silk vintage robe pajamas

Burgundy velvet smoking cap, 50,00 EUR

Dressing gowns date back to the 18th century and they are still synonymous with timeless style and impeccable comfort. The 19th century gave rise to the smoking jacket, a short robe that would be worn in smoking lounges. 

The classic style of both dressing gowns and smoking jacket includes a quilted collar, cuffs and three pockets. Silk pajamas and tasseled velvet smoking caps are traditional add-ons for the vintage-inspired lounge style.

Men's quilted silk paisley dressing gowns

When at home, a gentleman would change into dressing gown and wear it around his family at breakfast. It had fitted style with set-in sleeves, similar to a man’s coat. It was known as an Indian gown, nightgown, morning gown, or dressing gown.

Shop the Baturina Homewear dressing gowns online: 

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On Men's Luxury Robes you'll find the latest creations from Baturina Homewear. If you're looking for classic silk dressing gowns, pure velvet smoking jackets or comfortable pajamas, we got you covered. Discover the vintage inspired collections featuring paisley patterns, quilted silk, warm cotton velvet and more.
Each piece is individually handmade in Baturina Homewear's studio and can be custom tailored, monogrammed and personalized in any way you like.

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